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Caring for your knits!

My knitwear is almost aways created with 100% wool or a wool blend. When caring for your item it is important to keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips that will help your knits live a long life while maintaining their quality.

1. Avoid washing your wool items frequently, it's best to wash them as little as possible. Now you might be thinking ew! But wool is naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant. Hang your wool garments out to air or you can give them a gentle steam to freshen them up!

2. When it does come time to wash your wool, do so by washing them in cold water in your sink or bathtub. You can use a delicate detergent that is meant for wool or a gentle shampoo, such as baby shampoo. Please DO NOT put your knits in your washer/dryer because there is a high chance they will get ruined.

3. After you've washed your knits it's very important that you dry them flat. Lay your item on a towel, making sure to stretch your garment to its original shape. Make sure your knit is completely dry before putting away.

4. The last tip is to treat your knits with love! These garments are meant to last a long time and they can with the right care. 

More questions? Feel free to contact me:

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